Free Consultation

We offer FREE consultations that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Our staff is well-versed in many and all stages of plant cultivation. We have designed and supplied indoor and outdoor gardens from small 4’x4’ tents to 30,000 square foot facilities. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are constantly updated with the best and latest technology ultimately helping our customers increase quality and productivity. Whether you choose to grow with HIDs, LEDs, double ended fixtures or induction lighting, we can supply your cultivation facility so you can do what you do best. We are also very knowledgeable with hydroponics, aquaponics, deep water culture, and soil to soil-less grow mediums. We offer complete grow solutions and understand that when our customers want something, they want it now, not tomorrow. Because of this understanding, we carry an expansive inventory (over a million dollars in value) to save you time, the most important non-renewable resource we have.

ConsultationGet Started!

Our cultivation consultants can work with you on the development of the production site through several of the following processes:


Cultivation System Design


Procurement of Gardening Equipment


Cultivation Training

Professional Services

When using Evergreen Garden Supply’s professional service package. We can connect you with architects and licensed contractors. Our resources range from full industrial facility engineering to basic wiring, plumbing and HVAC services. These professionals can help remove obstacles and objections from local jurisdictions and provide a seamless design-permit-build process. We are also happy to work with the engineer and designer of your choice. Many clients find out too late that an element of their build requires prints and plan review which results in construction delays wasting time and money.

Cultivation System Design

Our goal is to create an optimized growing environment that uses superior technology, cultivation processes, and workflow standards. We will work with you to develop an efficient automated system which includes schematics and detailed light plans for your build out. Using a special lighting analysis design software, we are able to provide numeric and rendered solutions for almost any lighting application.

Procurement of Gardening Equipment

We will assist you with the procurement of equipment. We can help you navigate what products to choose in the garden industry and assist with the products that are specially formulated for your plan cultivation center. Your orders will be closely monitored and can be delivered to the location of your choosing. We provide readily available customer service to keep you up to date and assist you with the building process of your cultivation facility.

Cultivation Training

Our team of experts can assist you with the appropriate training to increase performance and mitigate risks. We can develop custom guides and training manuals with the unique instructions that are designed for your team and business operations. Once your facilities are up and running, we can provide follow-up support to ensure a smooth grow process and handle problems that may arise.